Hi, I’m Joyce!

Isn’t it time you started living your God-given purpose?

I can guide you.

If you don’t know what your purpose is, using my Purpose Path process, you will discover what God placed you here to do. 

If you know your purpose, but you have no clue how to live it, the Purpose Path process will help you to get the clarity you need to start living an intentionally purposeful life.

I’ve been where you are and I know what it takes to create the life and business of your dreams.

As a Life Purpose and Empowerment Coach for women, it is my mission to help you be the woman God created you to be, have the things He desires that you have, and do the things He’s calling you to do. 

Because pushing through and working harder isn’t going to work.

You may be struggling and for the first time in your life, you don’t know what to do. It’s a battle and you’re losing – you are overworked, overwhelmed, and headed for burnout or you’re already there.

I work with the woman who wants to:

  • Stop neglecting the desires of her heart.
  • Have more fulfillment in her life.
  • Feel more connected to God, her family, and friends.
  • Stop believing she’s isolated and alone.
  • Win the battle against being overworked, overwhelmed, and burned out.
  • Stop feeling obligated to doing work that’s sucking the life out of her.

I left a successful legal career as a trial judge to create a life full of purpose. God led me through a process that is now my Purpose Path framework.  It is the foundation that helps women like you create lives based on your unique purpose, values, and vision.

Combining my legal skills, pre-marital/marital counseling certification, and transformational life coach certification, I give professional women of faith the tools they need to cultivate real, meaningful, and intimate relationships with God, themselves, and the people they love while doing work that lights them up.

When you work with me, you get access to everything I know about living a purpose-aligned life. I will show you how to go from a life of stress and frustration to a life aligned with God’s purpose for you. As we work together, I will encourage you, challenge you and hold you accountable.

By the time our work together is done, you will know exactly how to create the life and business of your dreams.

If you’re ready to change your life, send me a message on my contact page and I’ll send you a link to my calendar for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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sound familiar?

What on earth am I here for?
This isn’t the life I want anymore!

change is possible.

I realized God had more for me and I knew something had to change.

I was the girl who always got the gold stars and the A’s.

I had dreams and set goals, and they all came to pass.

I grew into the woman who had the answers for everyone else.

But then I became the woman whose dreams and goals weren’t fulfilling anymore.

I became the woman with the questions and I needed the  answers.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know who to ask. 

After all, what do you do when the successful life you’ve built feels insignificant and purposeless?

I realized I needed help.

So, I talked with a coach. And I’m inviting you to do the same.



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wise words

I believe the purpose-aligned woman is an empowered woman. She knows who she is in Christ and trusts Him to empower her to live her God-given purpose every single day. That is how she creates the life and business of her dreams.- joyce m. averils

joyce averils

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The Purpose Aligned Woman

Do you want to create the life and business of your dreams so that you can live your purpose, leave a legacy, and glorify God?

If you do, you’ll get encouragement and inspiration in our community for that, too.

I believe that women are extraordinary beings created by God to share their gifts with the world.

The first step in doing that is discovering your God-given purpose and then living it every single day.

God wants that for you, and I do, as well.

Because when you create a life aligned with God’s purpose for you, you will have the life of your dreams.

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