Are You A Fighter?

I have never been in a physical fight in my life. The closest I ever came to actually fighting anyone was one time when I was in junior high school.

Four girlfriends and I went everywhere together and did just about everything together, too. We were close and supported each other no matter what. If one of us broke up with a boyfriend, we all considered him persona non-grata. If there was a classmate who didn’t like one of us, we all chose not to like her, either.

In the spring of my 9th-grade year, we apparently drew the attention of another group of five girlfriends. They decided that we thought we were too cute, too smart, too everything, and needed to be taken down a peg or two. So, they made a plan to fight us at school the following day. (Remember, this was junior high school.)

We were not scared. As a matter of fact, we wore our “fighting outfits” to school the next day, ready to do battle. But, guess what? When we arrived at the designated fight location, the other girls never showed up! We later found out that they thought we would have been too scared to fight them and would not show up. So, when we did, they realized they were the ones too scared to fight.

I have had to show up many times since to do battle and fight many invisible foes as I seek to claim all God has for me. If you want to live the life God designed you to live and do the things He called you to do, you must be willing to fight for it, if necessary.

So often, we think that because God ordained something for us, it should come easy. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it absolutely does. But many times, that just isn’t true, and you’ll find yourself in the position of making a choice – to fight through it or give up.

Opposition is one of the things you may have to fight through. It can show up in your life through people or through circumstances. You may be dealing with dream killers who tell you that you are dreaming too big. Or, maybe you’re faced with people who try to sabotage your efforts. Sometimes, it’s the circumstances of life that seem to oppose you at every turn – nothing seems to be working out and it is only getting worse.

However, no matter what anyone says or what circumstances you face, never forget that what God has for you is yours. Nothing and no one can stop His will for your life. They may try to delay it, but they cannot stop it.

God’s Word says that ultimately, He fights your battles for you. Remember the enemy tried to stop Daniel’s prayers from being answered and couldn’t do it? (See Daniel 10:1-19) Well, he can’t stop your blessing and people, nor circumstances can either.

Be encouraged my Sister and hold on to the promises of God: no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Be willing to fight for all that is yours. You will get to the other side. And, on the other side is a life of purpose, meaning, and significance.


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